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  • Bundle & Save up to 40%

    Monthly Family Care Kit

    Customize your family's eco-friendly essentials to make sure you get everything you need all month long.

  • Bundle & Save up to 40%

    Monthly Diaper Care Kit

    Our diapers + wipes are where it's at for eco-friendly parents. Soft natural and free of harsh chemicals.

  • Bundle & Save up to 40%

    Monthly Wellness Care Kit

    Give your diet a little boost to make sure you're on your parenting A game! Our Multivitamins and Omega 3s have you covered every day, every month.

Products you need for a Healthy, Happy and Beautiful Life.

No more wandering aimlessly in search of safe and effective products that don't compromise on style. You've got better things to do.

How It Works

Order Online

Order Online

Save Money: Going monthly gets you a great deal - 40% off the regular price!



Save Time: Monthly deliveries right to your doorstep instead of long lines at the store.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go

Save Stress: Pay only when you need your shipment & it's easy to delay or cancel.

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Personalize your Kit

If there's one thing we've learned as parents, it's that you've gotta roll with the punches -- and we designed our kits to do just that! Keep up with your family's changing needs every month by popping into your account to customize your kit from our growing line of safe + natural products.

  • A Healthier Alternative

    You know what gets us excited? The thought of "eco-friendly" and "non-toxic" not being product distinctions. We want these to be standard practice for all essentials that families use every day. We know these things take time, but until then, you can count on us.

  • Convenience

    It's Sunday night, 11PM. Your baby's just had a major blowout. You reach for the bag of diapers and -- EMPTY. If you're an EverydayHappy parent, guess who's not schlepping to the store for more? You've got a whole month's worth ready to go. That's our kind of convenience.

  • A Beautiful World

    To us, living well and doing good for the planet aren't exclusive ideas. While we're not into hitting birds with stones, we do think we've found a way to plant two seeds in one pot with our natural, non-toxic line. It helps you get the most out of parenthood while keeping your carbon footprint in check.

What you should expect

Naturally Non-Toxic

Whether it's soothing aloe vera or energizing mint, we use natural ingredients for safe formulas.

Peta-Certified Cruelty-Free Vegan

Full of plant-based ingredients like vegetable squalane, coconut, wheat germ and jojoba oils, and we never test on animals.

No Dangerous Chemicals

Free of allergens like formaldehyde, BPA, and sulfur dioxide.

Soothingly Tear-Free

Long-chain non-ionic surfactants provide a gentle, pain-free formula.

Discover our Free Trial Kits

Kits offer a monthly subscription to a variety of premium, eco-friendly EverydayHappy products, all of which are delivered straight to your door. You can save up to 40% by choosing to bundle and decide when and how often your Kit ships. Cancel anytime!

We Give Happiness

We've proudly partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to inspire at-risk children to reach their full potential. Join us in our efforts to bring brighter futures to kids in your community. With EverydayHappy, you’re not just changing diapers, you’re changing a child’s life for the better.