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Family Care Kit

Biodegradable • Naturally Non-Toxic • No Harsh Chemicals • Hypoallergenic • Tear-Free • Vegan

EverydayHappy Family Care Kit
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Face & Body Lotion • Laundry Detergent Hand Soap Liquid • Diaper Care Cream • Shampoo & Body Wash
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Thoughtfully Developed Baby Products

You won't see any harmful ingredients like perfumes, carcinogens, dyes, parabens or other allergens appearing in our products. Everything we send to your family is made with naturally sourced raw materials.


We use foaming agents like straight chain LAS that are rapidly biodegraded.

BNaturally non-toxic

Whether it's soothing aloe vera or energizing mint, we use natural ingredients for effective formulas.


Non-ionic surfactants provide a natural, pain-free formula.

EverydayHappy Diapers Composition

Free of allergens like formaldehyde, BPA, and sulfur dioxide.

ECruelty-Free Vegan

Full of plant-based ingredients like vegetable squalene, coconut, wheat germ and jojoba oils, and we never test on animals.

FNo Harsh Chemicals

All of our products are water-based, and low on drying alcohols.

We've Kept You In Mind

We believe baby care can be a valuable bonding experience. Creating products that work well and keep your baby happy means we're keeping you happy, too. And that's what we want.

EverydayHappy Baby Products Are.


    Natural products for fun-filled bubbly bathtimes you and your baby will adore.


    Naturally-derived scents to calm and relax your baby before bedtime.


    A tear-free shampoo and body wash that won't irritate or dry out delicate skin.


    Relax and enjoy a beautiful bathtime bonding experience with your baby.

Not All Baby Products Are Created Equal

Many baby products are made with harmful additives and chemicals that are, unfortunately, not banned by the FDA. Here are just two of the chemicals you can avoid when you choose EverydayHappy.


    What is it?

    It is a byproduct of shampoo manufacturing.

    Why isn't it good for your baby?

    Ether 1,4 dioxane is likely to cause cancer and is a known kidney, neuro- and respiratory toxicant.

    Where is it found?

    This chemical is very common, appearing in both conventional AND organic personal care items. [1]


    What is it?

    It is a preservative used to keep cosmetics stable.

    Why isn't it good for your baby?

    It is an allergen and can cause contact dermatitis. [2]

    Where is it found?

    Found in many cosmetics products, this chemical is also used as an industrial stabilizer in latex paint, cement and automobile adhesives. [3]

Why Choose EverydayHappy Products?

Our diapers are made from all-natural materials that are specially treated to be softer and more comfortable, ideal for your baby's sensitive skin. Eco-friendly and super absorbent, EverydayHappy Diapers perform even better than the leading brands.

Think you know how much you're really spending on bath and laundry time each month?

We took data on what it costs parents to do a month's worth of bath and laundry products, and what that money really gets them.

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