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Introducing EverydayHappy’s
Dollar Diaper Club

A month’s supply of the best diapers on the internet, delivered to your door. Only $39 per month.

Diapers & Wipes

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Diapers & Wipes

No more having to choose between price and quality.

Traditional brands like Pampers and Huggies might be cheaper, but their products are harmful for your baby and the environment. To get non-toxic diapers, brands like Honest and Seventh Generation make you pay a huge premium.

Eco-friendly and safe doesn’t need to cost more.

We flipped the diaper industry upside down by eliminating retail costs, employing smart logistics, and cutting all the nonsense marketing and licensing. This allows us to offer a premium, eco-friendly diaper (and other products!) for the price of traditional brands.

Cost Per Diaper

How it works

Order Online

Order Online

Save Money: Going monthly gets you a great deal - 40% off the regular price!

Conveniently Delivered

Conveniently Delivered

Save Time: Monthly deliveries right to your doorstep instead of long lines at the store.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go

Save Stress: Pay only when you need your shipment & it's easy to delay or cancel.

We spent two years developing the perfect

Eco-Friendly Performance

Our super-absorbent core is made from all natural wood pulp harvested from SFI-certified, sustainably-managed USA forests to offset our environmental impact.

Elemental Chlorine-Free

Much gentler than traditional chlorine processes, our ECF treatment prevents harmful cancer-causing dioxin formation.

Ultra Absorbent

Made with super absorbent polymers (SAPs) for maximum absorbency and locking moisture away from your baby's skin.

Better Design

Super strong waist tabs keep your baby's diaper where you put it, and seams are secured with safe, non-toxic adhesives for extra durability.

Here’s what some top
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Pregnancy & Newborn

“ The task: To provide a product line that's not only beneficial to children, but also beneficial to the environment. The result: EverydayHappy. ”

Five Stars Rating
Skinny Mom

“ The moms and dads at EverydayHappy have done their research! I was immensely pleased with the quality and absorbency of the diapers. I've used them for several days and haven't had one leak! ”

Five Stars Rating
Pregnancy Magazine

“ Looking for a gift that keeps giving and makes life more convenient? Because [EverydayHappy] products are gentle, they're great for the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest, and are especially well suited for sensitive skin ”

Five Stars Rating

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